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Reading List

I'm trying an experiment where I use Notion to save all of the interesting articles that I read this past month. I'm always looking for recommendations. Feel free to tweet me: @blakeir

(Updated: 9.04.2023)

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August 2023

Are you serious?
Elo Rating System.
Paul Graham on Ambition, Art, and Evaluating Talent
AI and Leviathan: Part I
Caveats and Limitations of A/B Testing at Growth Tech Companies
Early days of AI (and AI Hype Cycle)
Gardenscapes “Secret Ingredient”
GTA 6 Hacker Found To Be Teen With Amazon Fire Stick In Small Town Hotel Room
How to Do Great Work
Language Is a Poor Heuristic for Intelligence
Meet The Billionaire Who Built A Fortune ‘Price-Gouging’ The Pentagon
Scopely's Monopoly Go: three years of “iterating to greatness” – and one big pivot
The Chip Titan Whose Life’s Work Is at the Center of a Tech Cold War
The Minecraft Generation
Why do some great PC/console games fail to 'go big'?
Your Success with Generative AI May Come Down to These UX Decisions