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Reading List

I'm trying an experiment where I use Notion to save all of the interesting articles that I read this past month. I'm always looking for recommendations. Feel free to tweet me: @blakeir

(Updated: 1.01.2023)

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December 2022

(TF)T-Minus Eighteen Weeks: The Story of TFT (Part 1) - League of Legends
Game Changers: How Videogames Trained a Generation of Athletes
How Blizzard's new lizard broke a 10 year old loot system, started an in-game genocide, and sparked a player war in their first 48 hours of release.
Sort By Controversial
The Internet of Beefs
Venture Capital Red Flag Checklist
'Vampire Survivors' creator Luca Galante talks quitting his job
11 tips for killer User Acquisition ops (Q4 version)
2022 // Jordan Gonen
4 questions on AI
52 things I learned in 2022.
Abandoning intuition: using Generative AI for advertising creative
Analysis of 419,000 FlapMMO attempts
Battle passes are everywhere – but few of them are good
Creating a Text Adventure Game with ChatGPT
Credit cards as a legacy system
Does ATT wreck the prospect of alternative app stores?
Fewer games but greater revenue - the reality of the global mobile games market
Four Reasons Why the Hypercasual Gold Rush is Coming to an End
Gen Z Wants Careers as Influencers, Content Creators, But Have to Go All-In
Hertz settles lawsuits over hundreds of alleged false arrests
Historical analogies for large language models
How BuiltWith generates $14 million a year while having zero employees
How Geoff Keighley Became Gaming’s Master of Ceremonies
How to buy a social network, with Tumblr CEO Matt Mullenweg
How to think when balancing a game economy
Ideas That Changed My Life
Jonathan Lebed's Extracurricular Activities
Lensa AI climbs the App Store charts as its ‘magic avatars’ go viral
Making mobile game adverts using AI. It’s possible, but is it useful?
Mobile games market to decline for first time in over a decade
On Twitch, You Can Never Log Off
Sign Everything
Social Media Deep Dive: 'Among Us' TikTok Strategy
Space Ape Games co-founder Simon Hade on the shutdown of Boom Beach: Frontlines
Talking About Large Language Models
Tencent Co-Founder Pony Ma Goes on a Tirade as Cracks Appear in Empire
Tencent Rant, Sea Pay Freeze Hint at Deepening Gaming Crisis
The Buy And Hold Mindset
The Duopoly is over (because Everything is an Ad Network)
The Long View: Web3 and User Ownership
The median indie game does not earn a whole lot
These are the Mobile Games Defying Economic Headwinds — and Why
Twitch Streamer Emilycc Holds The World Record For Longest Subathon
What AI-Generated Art Really Means for Human Creativity
What in the Ethereum application ecosystem excites me
What's In a Post-Mortem?
Why Casimiro doesn't bother Globo, but became a problem for FIFA
Will Apple Allow Users to Install Third-Party App Stores, Sideload in Europe?