Reading List

Reading List

I'm trying an experiment where I use Notion to save all of the interesting articles that I read this past month. I'm always looking for recommendations. Feel free to tweet me: @blakeir

(Updated: 10.02.2022)

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September 2022

Artificial Intimacy
CNBC Transcript: Duquesne Family Office Chairman & CEO Stanley Druckenmiller Speaks with CNBC’s Joe Kernen Live During the CNBC Delivering Alpha Conference Today
Life After Lifestyle
The Smartest Website You Haven't Heard of
We Know Shockingly Little About What Makes Humanity Prosper
When Tailwinds Vanish - by John Luttig
AI Content Generation, Part 1: Machine Learning Basics
Be curious, not judgmental
Before YouTube’s Algorithm, There Were ‘Coolhunters’
Betaworks Trilogy, Part I: A Builders' Network
Creative tools 2.0
Crypto Gaming: A Most Practical Thesis
Documentary Ethics, Payments in Streaming Age: Filmmakers Ken Burns, Alex Gibney Debate
Figma’s Layered Lessons
Fortnite Creative, Meet Unreal Engine 5
Forum Channels: A Space for Organized Conversations
Game Emulation via Neural Network
Here's Why Craigslist Still Looks the Same After 25+ Years
How can Apple build a $30BN advertising business?
How TikTok Has Bent Its Rules For Its Top Creators
How to 10x your game's revenue with fake ads - The untold story
How to win the iOS14 User Acquisition battle?
How Video Game Design Principles Can Enhance Democracy
Incentives: The Most Powerful Force In The World
Learnings from Clash Quest
Market Share: Understanding Competitive Advantage Through Market Power
one piece of advice
Rethinking GPS: Engineering Next-Gen Location at Uber (2018)
Roblox is ready to grow up
Roguelike Elements in Mobile Games in China
Someone is pretending to be me.
Steve Jobs emails himself September 2, 2010
Succeeding in Venture Capital is Mostly About Knowing What to Buy. But When To Sell Matters Also
The flight to niche
The Great Video Game Mergers-and-Acquisitions Spree
The Pitfalls of Churn Rate. Setting the Scene
The reverse pitch: How VCs win hot deals
The Story Behind My Investment In Figma – Semil Shah
The ticking time bomb of modern free-to-play games
This Could Still Be a Movement: Why Mars Needs a Creative Director
Ultima Online’s 25th anniversary
What I've Learned from Users
What is SAP?
What it Takes to Make a Game by Yourself
Why Adults Still Dream About School - The Atlantic
Why Culture Eats Strategy
Why super apps are proliferating across emerging markets
Why We Crave Software With Style Over "Branding"
X-Hero is the weirdest hit game yet, earning its maker $52m from 14m downloads to date
YouTuber Dunkey forms indie games publisher Bigmode