Reading List

Reading List

I'm trying an experiment where I use Notion to save all of the interesting articles that I read this past month. I'm always looking for recommendations. Feel free to tweet me: @blakeir

(Updated: 6.01.2022)

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May 2022

Betting the Firm
Default Alive or Default Dead?
Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney talks the metaverse and crypto
Sounds Easy
Your Attention Sucks
"Disregard the Words"
A year with the Elgato Stream Deck
Adapting to Endurse (Sequoia)
Addicted to Speed
Case Against Branded Platforms
Cocktail party ideas
Designing Token Economies
Embedded Education
Founding Uber SRE
Here's the talk Supercell CEO Ilkka Paananen called "inspiring": Trailmix's guide to diverse design
How a Tweet Led to the Downfall of a $1 Billion Drug Cartel
How Beatstar survived 24 failed prototypes in five years
How do Video Games Stay in Sync? An Intro to the Fascinating Networking of Real Time Games.
Immersion and Perspective
In Praise of Memorization
Inverse Reward Ladder in Clash Royale - Game Design Breakdown
Is there an end in sight for the industry's merger mania?
One vs. Two Token Models in Crypto Gaming
Paradox of the Power Law in Venture Capital
Patrick Collison's Manifesto on Reading
Pinduoduo and The Rise of Social E-Commerce
Power Law And The Long Tail
Releasing Mobile F2P Hits Over and Over
Reversion to the mean: the real long COVID
Riot Games Tech Blog: Artificial Latency for Remote Competitors
Some Notes on Executive Dashboards
Stablecoin mechanisms and use cases
Surviving Crypto Cycles
Tencent's Steven Ma: Why big acquisitions will be good for gamers
The Art of Not Taking Things Personally
The Collison Brothers Built Stripe Into A $95 Billion Unicorn With Eye-Popping Financials. Inside Their Plan To Stay On Top
The Endgame
The future according to Reggie
The Lost Ark Has Found its Way
The Permadeath Drive
Tiger Global & SoftBank Bet the Farm
Tim Sweeney: Epic will fight Apple and Google to keep the metaverse open
Tokengated Commerce
Why pessimism sounds smart