Welcome to Everdale × Supercell

A message from the development team behind this brand new IP from Supercell, now in soft launch in select regions


Greetings from the Everdale dev team!

Everdale is a peaceful building game based on cooperation and friendship.

Begin by harvesting and selling resources, and building out your Village and trading for the best goods around… but that’s just the beginning!

Your Village is actually part of a larger Valley, where you and nine other players work together to build a big, wondrous utopia! In the Valley, you’ll meet an eclectic cast of characters, make handcrafted goods and trade with merchants from far off lands. More still, you can jump into local adventures, and level up your villagers at the esteemed Valley Guilds.

You see, the beating heart of Everdale is its unique, peaceful team gameplay. Perfecting that was a big challenge, so we developed Everdale in a different way than other Supercell games. Early on, we realized we needed the experience of many real players to truly understand how team play really works. At the same time, we felt the game in its early state wasn’t meeting the high quality bar that we set for all Supercell games. We were faced with a dilemma: how do we quietly develop a new game while also learning from real players at the same time?

Following some discussions, we decided to launch Everdale under a so-called white-label brand. That way, we could learn from a limited number of real players, study unique social and team-play trends, and craft a truly wonderful experience for everyone to enjoy. So, in the autumn of 2020 we published an early alpha version of Everdale under a different name: Valleys & Villages from “Osmium Interactive.” During the alpha period, we were continually surprised and delighted by what we learned and what worked for players. And also about what didn’t work and needed to be changed.

After ten months and five updates, we feel the game is finally functioning as we intended. We’re thrilled to share it with you at long last.

We sincerely hope you enjoy Everdale. See you in the Valley!

  • The Everdale Team