Use Google like a pro

Jan 19, 2023 8:01 PM

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Googling is one of the most important skills for every developer.

Let me show you how to get better at Googling.

Let’s start!

1. Use quotes to force an exact-match search:

"what is javascript"


Google search exact match example

2. AND operator will return only results related to both terms:

html AND css


Google search with AND keyword

3. You can use the OR operator to get the results related to one of the search terms

(javascript OR python) free course


Google search OR keyword example

4. - operator will exclude results that contain a term or phrase:

javascript -css

5. You can use the (*) wildcards as placeholders, which will be replaced by any word or phrase.

"how to start * in 6 months"

6. Search inside a single website:

7. You can also use a very useful feature that helps to find a specific file type.

filetype:pdf learn css

8. Search for a range of numbers:

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