Twitch's top 0.5% streamers generated 76% of June viewership


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Twitch’s daily viewership remained flat in June but StreamElements’ latest State of the Stream report uses data to highlight how top-heavy the platform is.

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Monthly Twitch hours watched in June 2023

In June, Twitch viewers watched 1.708 billion hours of content on the platform. While this is 3% less than May’s total of 1.764 billion hours watched, this is a result of the shorter month. The average daily hours watched essentially remained flat, growing 0.03% from 56.901 million to 56.919 million. More importantly, June’s average hours watched per day is up compared to prior months — up 3.4% from March (55.033 million) and 2.3% from April (55.642 million).

While the platform’s audience remains consistent, the report also shows the power of its top streamers. Last month, the top 10,000 most watched streamers accounted for 76% of hours watched. This means that 0.5% of Twitch’s streamer base brought in roughly 1.3 billion hours watched. Moreover, the top 1,000 streamers earned 46% of Twitch’s viewership (roughly 786 million hours watched) in June. This shows how vital it is for Twitch to maintain relationships with its top creators.

Twitch’s top categories in June 2023


Diablo IV was June’s most watched game on Twitch

During its debut month, Diablo IV was the most watched game garnering 156 million hours of watch time on Twitch. The gap between the title and the next most popular game, League of Legends, was immense. Blizzard’s action RPG brought in 74% more hours watched than the MOBA. June’s other major newcomer, Only Up!, landed the twelfth spot on the list thanks to support from top streamers.

Notably, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive lost about half of its viewership from May to June. During the previous month, Blast held the final CS:GO Major in Paris which boosted the title’s viewership. For the next major in December, Valve will feature Counter-Strike 2 which is set to release sometime this summer.


Diablo IV is 2023’s biggest debut

While Lost Ark and Eldin Ring brought in more hours watched during their launches in 2022, Diablo IV hold’s 2023’s top spot with 70 million hours watched. It took the crown from Hogwarts Legacy which debuted in February with 50 million hours of watch time.

ironmouse sets new record for women and VTubers

Last month, Tarik, xQc, ibai, Gaules and Kai Cenat were the top five most watched streamers on Twitch. All of these creators also made the cut in May. Notably, these streamers each earned over 7 million hours watched each.


ironmouse earned nearly 7 million hours watched

In June, VTuber ironmouse spiked in popularity thanks to her second subathon. In addition to 6.8 million hours of watch time, she earned 205,488 subscribers a new record for both women and VTubers on Twitch. This broke her previous record of 171,818 in both categories. Notably, ironmouse raised both money and awareness for the Immune Deficiency Foundation during this event. This is a cause close to the streamer as she has a form of primary immunodeficiency.