The China Spec: Douyin

Jan 19, 2023 8:01 PM

Product Teardown


Local Services

“Points-of-Interest” driven e-commerce and content. In February, 2021, it was reported that in some cities in China, Douyin has begun testing features for local services. ByteDance has made a three-year effort to have their own, accurate POI (points of interest) system, and videos can be tagged with an associated POI. In the past, clicking on the POI will simply show you more videos with the same tag. However, for POIs that offer ticketing and want to be integrated into the Douyin system, they can now offer ticket sales in app.

In addition, under your “Local” feed, which is currently absent in TikTok, certain cities now display groupons for restaurants. Since food is one of Douyin’s most popular categories and short videos are excellent for showcasing a dining experience, it is only natural that Douyin try to integrate further with the restaurants that their creators are already driving a lot of offline traffic to.



Interactive Douyin Prototype 📱

Because you can only download Douyin in China, we've created an interactive Douyin prototype that you can click through as if you were in the actual app. It comes complete with translations and coverage of all of Douyin's major features.

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