Platformer Toolkit by Game Maker's Toolkit


Platformer Toolkit is an interactive video essay, from the creator of Game Maker’s Toolkit.

You’ll get to see, first hand, how platformer characters are designed, as you use the toolkit to change and adjust over 30 variables that drive the hero’s movement.

Change Kit’s max speed, jump height, squash and stretch, coyote time, and more - and then play through a sample level with your chosen stats.



I think i agree with Trun : if not a bug it at least doesn't feel right, if you acceleration is supposed to be fast you should accelerate in the opposite direction at the same rate wether you're moving or not.

This is how it would be if you coded the first panel in the most straightforward way possible, so yeah it feels like a bug and i feel like the turn speed thing is not very clear about how it does what it does at least for me

That being said the essay is still fun but that feels like an oversight

very good:

  • explanation
  • visuals
  • controls
  • gameplay
  • music
  • plot

100/10 game, would recommend to family and friends. hopefully, there will be a sequel!

Absolutely amazing! It really exercised my game designing chops, and by the end I almost wanted a notebook to take down tweaks and changes I would make were I designing the game. However, to serve its purpose as an educational tool, I wouldn't change one iota.

One thing I thought was really interesting is that my initial assumption was that the fastest, snappiest controls would feel the best, but I ended up going with controls that were fairly constrained to find that balance between feeling good as well as challenging.

maybe a point system? high speed, high jump, high control, and double jump etc cost point, and you only have finite point... etc

btw im not a good puzzle maker, so im not making game lol, just talking

because even high control is already overpowered, i think everyone will add doublejump if it give you for free

and there will be some medal, cost medal need low cost, speedrun medal is fast enough, maybe.

Very nice demo!. I learned a lot.

Just some opinions:

  • the air acceleration, control and brake toggles (on the jumping tab) are not explained at all, not on the voice-over, nor with a (?) icon.
  • the speed toggle in the Lean section in Juice tab, is not clear either. I found out it is the speed at which the character leans as it runs, but is not intuitive. Plus, I think it has a bug, because if you change direction immediately, the character also leans immediately, instead of leaning back and forward again (at such given speed).
  • some preset icons are not clear. I'm guessing mushroom is mario, Strawberry is celeste, bandaid is meatboy, but the circle is sonic? it is not clear at all, and I only figured them out because you mentioned on the voice-over, but they should have labels or something.

Also, it is NOT shown anywhere if you have chosen a preset other than instantly changing the toggles. It should show an icon as an indicator of "current preset" or something.

And as an extra, I attempted to use a Dual Shock 4 controller, but at least on the browser, it didn't get detected (I use DS4windows). I could try downloading the 'game' instead of just in browser, but it should work there regardless.

Hey, there's a Turn Speed slider now! Great addition.

One more note for others reading: "Coyote Time" isn't just to be nicer to the player, it also acts as compensation for input delay. There's always some delay between the player pressing buttons and the result showing up on their screen - if their TV or monitor is poorly set up or if the game is poorly programmed, it can be north of 100 milliseconds. As a result, it's very possible for a player to say "That's BS, I totally pressed the jump button before running off the cliff," and be right because their image was delayed from the game's logic. Coyote time helps compensate for that.