Introducing the Wise Product Roadmap


Our teams are constantly building new products and features that help us get closer to our mission of building money without borders: moving it instantly, transparently, conveniently, and - eventually - for free.

We regularly share internally what we are planning to ship next for the 10+ million people and businesses powering our mission. And now we want to share these plans with all of you, too.

For that reason, we're introducing our open product roadmap.


Why are we doing this?

Every quarter, Kristo shares with our users the Mission Update, our quarterly report on how we're progressing with our mission of building money without borders.

Internally we optimise for speed in everything we do, to achieve the mission as fast as possible. Hence we share our roadmaps and plans transparently across teams for feedback. By opening this up externally we hope two things will happen:

  • We can create a rich ongoing dialogue with our customers on what we are building next and why; get their feedback on what we should be developing next and input into our priorities. We can also be transparent about what’s stopping us from working on .
  • We want to work with the garage door open to inspire more smart, talented people to join our 2,200+ Wisers. Although we’ve already made progress on our mission, it’s still early days. There are plenty of challenges ahead of us. We have teams across the globe and need more hands on deck! So check out what we are planning using this roadmap and join us.

What is the roadmap?

This roadmap is a list of what our teams will be working on in the coming months and quarter: new features and products. We’ll tell you which part of the world will benefit, which team is working on it, which of our mission pillars the project targets, and when we expect it to launch.

We may well be working on things in all 3 buckets (now, next and later) right now, but the roadmap should give a sense of when you can expect something to be released. If something is in the Now bucket, we expect to have it in your hands quite soon!

We will update the roadmap every quarter and release it around the same time as our Mission Update, when we share the progress made towards “Mission Zero” during the last quarter.

And we will transparently share progress as features go live.

Does the roadmap show everything?

For now the roadmap only contains projects that meet two criteria:

  1. Make a meaningful impact on one of our mission pillars on their own
  2. Have a direct impact for our customers

There is tons of important work in the background that doesn’t exactly fit these two requirements: incremental improvements that collectively make a big difference (but that are too numerous to include) and non-visible work that keeps Wise running smoothly 365 days per year. We deliberately omitted it from the roadmap to help you easily find the next product or feature that will revolutionise the financial life of all our customers - and maybe even yours!