February’s top mobile game downloads


Here are February’s top mobile game downloads worldwide, according to Appmagic data.

There’s commentary on how each game in the top ten is trending, detail on the games ranked from 11-20 plus other interesting tidbits below.

You can also have a peek at January’s top mobile game downloads and January’s top grossing mobile games through the links too.


You can really see that familiar January post-Christmas boom wear off in February’s numbers. Installs are down across the board, with a difference of three million between January’s most downloaded game (Candy Crush Saga, 22m) and February’s most installed game (Roblox, 19m). It’s a shorter month too, of course, so it’s not quite as bad as it looks.

Having topped the download chart the previous month with 22m, Candy Crush Saga is down by around 4.5m downloads month-on-month, and Subway Surfers dropped from 21m to 18m last month. Roblox’s decline was a little gentler, allowing it to take the top spot (21.5m in January to February’s 19m).


Homa’s Attack Hole has shown good staying power for a hypercasual game. It’s down from 16m in January to 13m in February, and enjoyed big download spikes at weekends throughout the month. Lifetime downloads now total over 31m.

Block Blast is a little bit of a surprise in sixth spot, though it’s not exactly come out of nowhere; it has grown while everything else around it declined. It is developer Hungry Studio’s only game on the stores, and had been picking up momentum at the back end of 2022 before suddenly exploding in 2023: December downloads were around 1.5m, then shot up to 10m in January and beat that total in February, hitting 12m installs. Its top market was India, followed by the US, Brazil, Indonesia and Mexico.

It’s a similar deal with Football League 2023. Like Block Blast, it kept growing while most other games took a hit, and is more popular outside western markets. It debuted in November and hit 8.8m installs, then got 13m in December, 10.4m in January and 11.9m last month. This one is powered by its popularity in India, Indonesia, Brazil, Vietnam and – most surprisingly – Egypt.


EA’s FIFA is still basking in the afterglow of the World Cup, with a massive 25m downloads in December, 16m in January and 11.5m last month. Before the World Cup in December 2022 it was getting 5-8m monthly downloads.

Voodoo’s Mob Control has been on a good run for several months, rising from 3.5m installs in November through 6.6m in December, 8.6m in January and a record 11.4m last month.

And once again with over 10m downloads, Netease’s Fall Guys-like Eggy Party has performed brilliantly considering it is currently a China-only game. A suitably slapstick scuffle with Stumble Guys awaits when it finally comes to the west.

February’s top mobile game downloads, 11-20:

11. 8 Ball Pool (Miniclip): 10.1m 12. My Talking Tom 2 (Outfit7): 10.1m 13. Stumble Guys (Kitka Games): 10m 14. Gardenscapes (Playrix): 9.7m 15. Fishdom (Playrix): 9.1m 16. Bridge Race (Supersonic): 9m 17. Going Balls (Supersonic): 8.7m 18. Temple Run (Imangi): 8.6m 19. Thief Puzzle (TapNation): 8.5m 20. Township (Playrix): 8.5m

Supersonic duo Bridge Race and Going Balls are consistent performers – both games have generated around 9m installs for the last three months running.

Temple Run’s an interesting one, sneaking back into the top 20. It’s ancient, almost entirely driven by organic downloads and doesn’t feel all that culturally relevant, but like Subway Surfers it has had a second wind lately by popping up in ‘Sludge’-style TikToks.

And speaking of TikTok: viral hit Dumb Ways to Die ended up with 6.5m downloads last month. Those installs were heavily weighted to top market the US (2.2m downloads), followed by the UK (600k). It perhaps shows that while TikTok trends are important, they’re quite a market-specific thing.

Finally, some notable games dropping fast compared to January. Sporta’s Dream11 Fantasy Sports, which gatecrashed the top 20 in January with 10.82m downloads, fell sharply to 5.6m installs in February. And ABI Global’s Makeover & Makeup‘s decline is pretty violent – after hitting 12m installs in January, it got just 2.5m in February. The same developer, ABI Global, has a newer, very similar title in Makeover Salon that’s growing though: it’s up from 5.9m downloads in January to 7.6m last month.