September 2021 | Archive

I'm trying an experiment where I use Notion to save all of the interesting articles that I read this past month. Follow me at @blakeir (Updated: 10.01.2021)
Accomplishment Arbitrage
Confessions of a Michelin Inspector
Memo: New York, Los Angeles, and Columbus
New Internet logic
Pricing niche products: Why sell a mechanical keyboard kit for $1,668?
Secrets about People: A Short and Dangerous Introduction to René Girard
Secrets to Successful Cross-Promotion
Speculation is a Superpower
Sushi and the Founding Murder
The Dream SMP - An Epic for the Modern Era
The Rise of Elad Gil, Silicon Valley’s Biggest Solo Venture Capitalist
Why the most successful startup ideas are often seem like the dumbest
16 Best Games With Emergent Gameplay
4 eras of blockchain computing: degrees of composability
A Sleep Music Label Is Somehow Out-Streaming Lady Gaga on Spotify
Aave founder sells 'Yield' NFT for $1.15 million — with a twist
Alternatives to selling at below-market-clearing prices for achieving fairness (or community sentiment, or fun)
Art Blocks (2) by Zeneca_33
As More Workers Go Solo, the Software Stack Is the New Firm
Attack of the snack apps
Blockchain gaming's beginnings
Coatue: The cub on the prowl
Crypto Bezos
Crypto's Consumer Era
Cryptonetworks and Cities: Analogies
Decentralized Autonomous Organizations and the Promise of Utopia
Digital Beauty, Asset Flipping, and a Bad Case of the Shakes: Inside the Chase for Art Blocks NFTs
Dream SMP: The Complete Story
Essay: The digital death of collecting
Examining Emergent Gameplay
Game engines on Steam: The definitive breakdown
Gaming is coming to get us
Generalist vs Specialist
Gimme the Loot!
Hal Varian on Taking the Academic Approach to Business (Ep. 69)
How Do You Know When the Price is Right?
How Gaming Will Change Humanity as We Know It
How James Clear is Writing His Next Book
How the World Works
I'm Quitting Web2 (And So Should You)
Is This Public?
Jack Ma's Bund Finance Summit Speech
Kids who grew up with search engines could change STEM education forever
Loot is a viral social network that looks like nothing you've ever seen
Loot Makes Waves
Manifold on Smart Contracts and Creative Sovereignty
Martingale Shares
Meet the Fearless Women of the Lone Star Mower Racing Association
Memestocks and Reddit redesigns
Minimum Viable Participation in Crypto: Games, Costs, & Accessibility
My First 45 Days With Apple Podcasts Paid Subscriptions
New Internet logic
On YouTube’s recommendation system
Pando: Memo to Stripe: Winning the hearts of Valley startups is not winning payments
Peter Thiel and Silicon Valley’s Pursuit of Power
Prices for many goods do not move the way economists think they should
Social Tokens and Creator-Centric Economies
Speculative Bubbles in the 21st Century & Asymmetric Upside
Sushi and the Founding Murder | The Generalist
The App Store is the Games Store. Apple should recognize this.
The Changing Venture Landscape
The Frustration with Productivity Culture
The Hunter Economy
The index mindset
The Social Subsidy of Angel Investing
The three kinds of platforms you meet on the Internet
Things You Should Never Do, Part I
Twenty Percent of a Picture of a Dog
Vertical Fintech is Reimagining Community Banking with the Help of Next-Gen Infrastructure
We Like the Nouns. Meme markets in the 2020s
Welcome to Everdale × Supercell
What are webhooks?
What comes after open source?
What Does Price Mean When There’s No Supply?
What Happened to Facebook, Instagram, & WhatsApp?
What if the Fourth Plane Hit Its Target? (9/11)
What is “Seeing The Matrix” For A Product Leader?
Why Are Soccer's Stars Talking to Ibai Llanos?
Zhang Yiming’s Last Speech