December 2021 | Archive

I'm trying an experiment where I use Notion to save all of the interesting articles that I read this past month. Follow me at @blakeir (Updated: 1.02.2021)
11 Reasons Not to Become Famous
2021 letter // Dan Wang
2021 Observations // Aashay Sanghvi
How TikTok Reads Your Mind
Publisher-Specific Blockchains
The Power of Culture
The power of defaults
Web3/Crypto: Why Bother?
Whales, True Fans and the Ethics of Free-to-play games
A Chat With The King of Music: An Interview With Daniel Ek
Alexander Berger On Philanthrophic Opportunities And Normal Awesome Altruism
Ameerpet, India’s unofficial IT training hub
Avatars Don’t Poop But You Can Be Sure The Metaverse Will Have Toilets
Axie Infinity: Infinite Opportunity or Infinite Peril?
Beer Mode and Coffee Mode
BNPLs: Businesses Needing Provided Legibility
Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs flip CryptoPunks in terms of floor price
Building a Board: What I Wish I Had Known
Can a former model predict your future? A million Turkish users say yes
Can Matt Mullenweg save the internet?
Deep Dive: PC Distribution Platforms
Don't show Me the Money
DST Global: The Quiet Conqueror
Emmett Shear: What streaming means for the future of entertainment
Groups Never Admit Failure
Head Games
How Amazon Survived the Dot-Com Bubble
How Shein beat Amazon at its own game — and reinvented fast fashion
How to Identify Underrated Markets
How Virtual Worlds Work
Hugging the X-Axis
Is “True Ownership” Actually True?
It's Gen Z's World, And We're Just Living In It
It's Not A Ponzi
I’m A Twenty Year Truck Driver, I Will Tell You Why America’s “Shipping Crisis” Will Not End
Lunch with Alan Kay
More than you want to know about gift cards
Mortal Inspiration from the Gods of Venture Capital
Opinion: Play-to-earn feels like a disaster waiting to happen
Peloton, Valuations, and Innovation
Perspective: Investing in software powering the green economy
PoolTogether Research Report: Vibes, Labor, Constituencies
Psychology of Human Misjudgment (Transcript) by Charlie Munger
Replit: Remix the Internet
Sequoia Consumer Privacy and Autonomy Thesis
Sequoia’s stealthy wealth management fund shakes up its portfolio
Smiling at a deadweight loss
Techno-optimism for 2022
The Dark Side of 15-Minute Grocery Delivery
The Eternal Sunshine of Sam Altman
The Financialization of Fun: Crypto Gaming Thesis
The Great Bifurcation
The insides of pro bowling balls will make your head spin
The Internet of Beefs
The secondary market in gift cards
The Stakeholder Economy & The Prospects Of Collective Ownership
The Technium: 1,000 True Fans
The Third Wave of Gaming
The Web3 Playbook: Using Token Incentives to Bootstrap New Networks
The ‘To the Moon’ Crash Is Coming
Tokens as CAC - Are Crypto Companies More or Less Efficient in Acquiring Customers?
Twitter, the Intimacy Machine
Wall Street Is No Fun Anymore
What Every Crypto Buyer Should Know About OpenSea, The King Of The NFT Market
What's a Ponzi Scheme? What Isn't?
Why Thieves Steal Soap
Will music NFTs ever get their PFP moment?
Writing is Networking for Introverts